Integrative Manual Therapy
Body Work & Movement Education

Integrative Manual Therapy with Eddie Rosen, PT

  • Expert Hands-on Care
  • Thoughtful, Appropriate Assessment
  • Consultation and Instruction to:
    • Improve Function and Physical Performance
    • Reduce pain
    • Facilitate Healing
"Eddie utilizes his 35 years of experience, intuition and skill as a 'hands-on' clinician to increase ease of movement and improve function. His compassionate presence and humor are uniquely refreshing in a climate of impersonal care."
-Matthew Zwerling  MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

More Comments About Eddie's Work

I began working with Eddie to help recover from a painful back injury. Eddie creates a relaxed and professional environment and is easy to trust. I received a thorough evaluation and consistent high quality care. His approach was gentle, creative and very responsive to my needs. I learned ways to manage the pain and support the healing process. Working with Eddie had a profound impact on my recovery for which I am truly grateful.