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Thread: Eddie Rosen -Recommendation for an outstanding physical therapist

Hello Wacco friends,

I'm Amy Racina, and I'm writing today to give a recommendation for an outstanding physical therapist and body worker, Eddie Rosen.

Many of you will recall my wilderness survival story - several years ago, a 60 foot fall left me with multiple fractures of both legs and my hip. Rescued shortly before death, It took 7 months of intensive physical therapy before I could walk again, and the love and support of many members of our WaCCO family.

I have immense gratitude to all of you, and none were more important than Eddie Rosen, whose skill and generosity enabled me to walk despite doctors' predictions to the contrary.

Today, you might see me around Sebastopol. giving a book talk about my experience http://www.AngelsinTheWilderness.com delivering meals for the Ceres Project, http://www.kitchencosmology.com distributing bargain Goddesswear at a Faire (The EverydayGoddess). working to save our State Parks http://www.stewardsofthecoastandredwoods.org or even dancing at a Festival. Those of you who don't know my history are often surprised that I'm the same Amy Racina who was in a wheelchair just 5 years ago.

Eddie Rosen is the man who made all of this possible for me. A skilled and gifted healer, Eddie has taught and practiced for over 30 years. He has a remarkably high level of hands-on skills, but more than that, he is a brilliant problem solver, and possesses the gift of being able to accurately assess his client's main concerns. In my 7 months in Eddie's office (sometimes I thought I lived there) I saw many clients regain their hope, as they improved with Eddie's care, although they had received little benefit from other approaches.

His innovative Integrative Manual Therapy approach is a highly effective individualized program that treats pain and dysfunction with a combination of hands-on techniques, movement, exercise and education to help his clients maintain and improve their functional well-being. Eddie Rosen's program is equally effective for problems great and small, from simply increasing a sense of physical wellness to healing extensive traumatic injuries like mine.

He comes most highly recommended!

-Amy Racina -author "Angels in the Wilderness"