"A series of injuries lead to severe pain in various parts of my body. After receiving a large number of treatments from a variety of practitioners I felt little if any improvement. At that point I was referred to Ed Rosen. His clear assessment helped me finally understand what was causing my painful condition. In response to his treatment I felt improvement immediately and continue to recover rapidly."
 Steve Comer, retired


"I began working with Eddie to help recover from a painful back injury. Eddie creates a relaxed and professional environment for his clients and is easy to trust. I received a thorough evaluation and consistent high quality care. His approach was gentle, creative and very responsive to my needs. I learned ways to manage the pain and support the healing process. Working with Eddie had a profound impact on my recovery for which I am truly grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend him."
 Lynne Bender, Human Resources Consultant


"I have known Eddie and referred my patients to him for over two decades. I feel confident when referring people to Eddie for Physical Therapy because I know that he gets good results. His approach addresses the underlying issues causing pain and even clients with the most complex issues have been able to realize improvement. I think what distinguishes Eddies practice is that he is able to recognize the needs of each person and individualize the therapy to meet those needs. He is able to facilitate improvement without exacerbating injuries. He doesn't push people through a stock series of exercises, rather, he works with the patient to bring the body in proper relationship without creating undo stress or flare up. I look forward to collaborating with him in the future."
 Dr. Eric Gordon, M.D.


"After many years of bakery production with numerous repetitive motion injuries as well as two herniated discs in my neck, I had visited many doctors and specialists with little relief and was facing possible surgery or regular injections. From the first visit with Eddie Rosen, I felt immediate relief from the pain. He's given me the tools to maintain myself between visits and I'd recommend him to anyone who needs real relief."
 Tim Decker, Owner, Baker; Bennett Valley Bread

"As a medical professional (Osteopathic physician and surgeon) I have referred patients to Eddie for years with great results. Therefore, when I suffered partial paralysis from a spinal cord injury and subsequent surgery I sought him out. Eddie has an excellent understanding of the functional anatomy of the body. He applied his knowledge and skills to the specifics of my injury. He helped bring back awareness to parts of my body I had forgotten about and helped me to walk again. When working with Eddie I feel as if I have someone who is on my side. He was able to accurately assess where I was and guide me through the work. He has never acted inconsistently with my own belief system about health and care. I regard him as a healer and he has helped open that energy in me and bring it forth." 
 Dr. Joel Alter DO   (Note: sadly Joel is now deceased he became a dear friend and mentor, he is missed.)

 "I am a psychotherapist by vocation and am involved in theater and dance as well. I have seen Eddie over the course of 16 years when I have suffered injuries as well as a chronic back problem. I have found Eddie's approach a beautiful combination of knowledge and intuition. He explains things well and is very generous with his time and knowledge. I always come away with something new and useful for my health, and Eddie is so efficient with his hands-on work that I find I don't have to keep returning. I can do what he has taught me on my own, and I am not dependent on him. Eddie is very grounded and confident. I find him easy to trust. He has always fixed everything. It's amazing. Several of my family members have gone to him."
 Corisa Aaronson, MFT, Psychotherapist

"I first saw Eddie Rosen when I fractured my hip in a fall. From my first visit I just know he was going to help me and he did. I actually looked forward to my appointments. He is extremely considerate and helpful; his sincerity immediately put me at ease. He helped get me from walker to walking and I am able to walk just fine. I have referred many people to him. He has the skills and qualities you want in a practitioner. When I had another unfortunate fall years later, he was the only person I knew I would want to work with."
 Mary Kirshenstein, Retired

"I was referred to Eddie Rosen after injuring my back at work. The experience was different than any other bodywork I had done before. Eddie is very versatile and drew upon many modalities in what I would call an "eclectic" approach that targeted what was right for my body and what worked. The environment in his office is tranquil and I always feel welcomed when I arrive. I feel that he is guided by skill and experience as well as a good, grounded spirit. I travel from Fort Bragg to see him because I am so pleased with the outcome of my treatments. I would recommend him to anyone." 
 Brent R., High School Teacher

"I have know Eddie Rosen for many years and I have been both a client and student. As a client, I was fearful of seeking treatment for my neck pain because I was incredibly sensitive and could barely move. I'd seen other practitioners who I would normally go to and nothing was helping. After my first treatment with Eddie I was able to sleep better for the first time. As the result of more treatments with Eddie, I was able to gradually, but steadily, increase movement, my pain decreased and my body recovered." As a Massage therapist I was intrigued to learn some of the skills that had so readily assisted my own recovery. I attended the "Deepen Your Touch" class. The four, three-hour classes completely exceeded my expectations. I learned skills I was able to immediately incorporate that facilitated a significant positive impact. My clients recovered quicker, referred more people and my practice increased. Eddie has a hands-on approach to education. He pays attention to the needs of his participants and is excellent with follow-up support for the learning. As a practitioner who has worked in Sonoma County for over 35 years, I would not hesitate to recommend people to him as clients or students. He is incredibly skillful with touch, has great knowledge of the body and he helps facilitate the body's healing process." 
 Wendy Smith, Massage Therapist

 "I'm Amy Racina, and I'm writing today to give a recommendation for an outstanding physical therapist and body worker, Eddie Rosen. Many of you at WaCCO [ a West Sonoma County Bulletin Board] will recall my wilderness survival story - several years ago, a 60 foot fall left me with multiple fractures of both legs and my hip. I have immense gratitude to all of you, and none were more important than Eddie Rosen, whose skill and generosity enabled me to walk despite doctors' predictions to the contrary."   Click here to See Full Story...

Amy Racina -author "Angels in the Wilderness"